Beach Tech Marina

BeachTech Marina - All in One
The BeachTech Marina is tractor and beach cleaner all in one. It was especially designed for small and medium-sized beaches with hard-to- reach corners, tight turns and a need to clean in between rows of lounge chairs and sun shades.  
The BeachTech Marina is designed with our patented raking, screening and combined cleaning technique, so all areas are cleaned to meet your customer's expectations.
The innovative concept of the BeachTech Marina brings new standards of agility and maneuverability to the beach cleaning market. The BeachTech Marina is self-propelled using a 42 hp turbo diesel engine with hydrostatic all-wheel-drive and articulated front and rear wheel steering. This steering design gives the BeachTech Marina a short turning radius of 1.7 meters, so it can easily clean around most any object on the beach. A new hydraulically adjustable finisher follows the cleaned track in around every curve, for an ascetically pleasing groomed surface. The BeachTech Marina is truly a go anywhere beach cleaning machine.
A multi-functional designed machine, the BeachTech Marina has a two-seat driver cabin with 4-wheel hydrostatic all wheel drive and an optional front hitch for non beach cleaning equipment, making the BeachTech Marina an all-purpose vehicle: cleaning, pulling, pushing, transporting - all are no problem!
You can turn the BeachTech Marina into a true year round machine and use it for sweeping walkways and parking lots, mowing grass or clearing away the snow in the winter time.


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