Beach Tech 2800

BeachTech 2800 – High tech beach cleaning
The BeachTech 2800, developed from extensive research with many municipalities around the world, combines the area efficiency of the BeachTech 3000 with the maneuverability of the smaller BeachTech 2000, making the BeachTech 2800 the most efficient high tech beach cleaner at its price range.
As all BeachTech models, the BeachTech 2800 features the patented raking, screening and combined cleaning technique as well as galvanized components, 2-part acrylic paint and stainless steel hydraulic pipes, protecting the machine from the ocean's elements. The BeachTech 2800 pick-up and screening belt motors have more torque resulting in 20% more power and allowing for a more efficient screening through the 6 square meters of screening mesh.
The BeachTech 2800 comes with the following standard features: the tension roller for the screening mesh - insuring proper screen mesh tension, extra wide 520 mm tires for superior surface flotation, the reverse valve for changing the screening direction of the screening mesh, the spline-mounted pump - allowing for a tight turning radius and the polyethylene finisher with hydraulic lifting mechanism for more driving comfort.
As for economics, the BeachTech 2800 is a "best-in-class" performer. The combination of a large working width, high hopper capacity, smaller dimensions and a lower weight not only provides for excellent area efficiency, but also allows for a lower fuel consumption of the tractor used to pull the BeachTech 2800.


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