Waste Removal Services

Removal of waste off the immediate beach area is deposited into waste RORO bins, which are placed on site on the day of cleaning, and then removed after cleaning. The employment of the bin is outsourced to Waste Management Companies. A beach size that averages 50,000 sq. can generally fill one bin. Depending on the amount of kelp per sq. that is on the beach before cleaning. The challenge in the future is to recycle waste and or develop secondary business through our waste collection process.

First we collect the debris

All waste is loaded by hand if it cant be sifted through the machine, because the hopper can take a large volume we are efficient in how long we take to clean the beach as we dont have to make to many trips to dump the waste


Ready to be removed

The waste is dumped into the roro bin in a very effective and simple process which is also time efficient. Once the waste is dumped it is removed on the same day. From the time we start to the time we finish it is one complete operation,







Beaches we have cleaned